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United Aid of Southeast Texas

We are a non-profit, disaster relief organization of Cathedral Church that is passionate about restoring hope & homes after natural-disaster. Our mission is to strengthen our communities through the practical & caring service of home clean-out & rebuilding, and we prioritize the needs of those who are disadvantaged, such as: the elderly, disabled, single parents, widows & those with exceptionally great need.

In 2017, Hurricane Harvey struck the coast of Texas in a devastating blow, leaving countless people homeless. Out of this tragedy, United Aid of Southeast Texas was born, with a determination to see our community’s hearts & homes rescued. “Project 40” became our first footsteps to actualize that dream, with a vision to rebuild 40 homes through the loving service of volunteers and generous donors. Because so many believed in the vision & have given generously, we have advanced to “Project 80”, adding yet another eighty homes to our mission.

Most recently, in 2019, with the unexpected flooding brought by Tropical Storm Imelda, we pull on our work-boots once again and are eagerly prepared to love the communities of Southeast Texas by restoring hope through rebuilding homes… will you help us?.

Core Values

We have a strong conviction to treat our neighbor as we would want to be treated, and when disaster strikes, the opportunity to walk that out is immediately surfaced. These are our fundamental values as we serve our community, restoring hope to tired hearts.

Compassion: We respond to our neighbor’s suffering with tenderness, empathy, and a determination to alleviate their pain through service.

Excellence: We demand of ourselves uncompromising quality & we strive to be people of excellence in everything we do.

Integrity: We are honest, transparent and truthful as an organization and individuals, and we always do the right thing, regardless of expediency.

How It Works...

Once people become aware of the condition of their damaged homes, they can apply for assistance through our organization, and we begin prioritizing cases with a focus on the elderly, disabled, widows, single mothers, and those with exceptionally great need.

The first phase of service is called “mucking” homes, where we utilize the help of volunteers to pull out dry wall, carpet and damaged belongings to keep the situation from worsening with mold growth. The goal is to get the house cleaned out and ready for rebuild.

The next phase is rebuilding, which varies in severity case by case. We have many qualified individuals & organizations we work with to ensure that houses are rebuilt with excellence and safety as top priorities.

We have project managers who carefully oversee each house build to ensure we are stewarding donor finances as carefully as possible, and helping as many people as we can with the resources we have.

Partnering with the Best

United Aid has partnered with some of the most amazing people and organizations who have served with shovels, work-boots and eager hearts, giving generously to restore hope to these hurting families. We would like to honor them for their contributions saying THANK YOU for your help in rebuilding our community!

  • Jay and Hannah Bruce
  • The Cleveland Indians
  • Cathedral Church
  • Operation Blessing
  • Home Depot
  • Christian Aid Ministries
  • Christian Disaster Relief Inc.
  • Motiva
  • Austin Disaster Relief Network
  • Samaritan's Purse
  • Red Cross
  • Pathway Church in Fort Worth
  • Village Church

This is our home. This is where we’re from and these are our families and friends…it’s important to do what we can.

Jay Bruce, MLB All-Star and Beaumont, TX Native

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Special Thanks to:

Volunteers who worked countless hours to make all of this possible. To those who drove and flew in, slept on cots and sacrificed time & comforts. To those who were willing to be away from their own families to help us rebuild and recover.

Because of your compassion and willingness to serve, families all over Southeast Texas are now back in their homes.