We are proud of the work we have had the privilege to do, and the efforts of all of our partners. Below are some testimonials from home-owners, partners and donors!

Peggy Ramb

I have three children. I came home to a completely furnished home. They provided something for my kids that I couldn’t have provided, and that was probably the biggest blessing.

Vidor, TX

Allen Abshire

Allen Abshire was a courageous recipient of our help in a discouraging time. An army veteran, his wife had passed away only a short while before Hurricane Harvey flooded his home. When United Aid learned of his story, we knew he needed to be a recipient of an Extreme Makeover, just in time for the holidays. One of the personal touches we included was to print up a phrase to put above his bed that he and his wife would say to each other each night: “Good night, God bless you, I love you.” He was touched beyond words by the makeover he received, and enjoyed two Christmas seasons in this new home with his daughter and family, before joining his wife in Heaven in March, 2019.

Port Arthur, TX

Robin Mires

Having our home flooded during Harvey was devastating, especially with 2 children and a disabled husband who was unable to help due to a stroke. United Aid was a light in the darkness for my family. Had it not been for them coming to rebuild our home, we would have had nowhere to go. Their compassion and care along with the physical help given was something we have never experienced in our lives. They were the true hands and feet of Jesus and for that we are forever grateful for them.

Beaumont, TX

Jay Bruce

This is our home. This is where we’re from and these are our families and friends…it’s important to do what we can.

MLB All-Star and Beaumont, TX Native

Hector Enriquez

My wife and I, are thankful for the funds that made it possible. The workers did a great job and we’re just so thankful with all the help that went into our home!

Lumberton, TX

Linda Dennis

Thank you! I’m so glad to have floors and AC. I’m just so grateful and I can’t get over how much I love my floors!

Port Arthur, TX

Jacquelyn Timmons

It was a blessing in the tragedy and just so blessed to have United Aid and Christian Aid Ministry to rebuild my childhood home that I grew up in. This home has a lot of value to me and has been worth the wait.

Port Arthur, TX

James Reaux

I still can’t believe it’s happening. It’s such a real blessing. I’m thankful and can’t express enough how happy I am! It’s a dream come true… It amazes me that these guys have worked long hours and took time out of their own schedule to work on my house. This is unreal!

Sour Lake, TX

Delores Laviege

It has been uncomfortable being out of my home, but I have been very happy and pleased with the progress of my home. I pray to God every night to bless those that have been working on my home. And I thank God to the ones Funding and providing the materials and cost for my home.

Port Arthur, TX

John Calhoun

We appreciate the time and work it took to make this happen. With being 76 and my wife being 77, we wouldn’t been able to do this. We really needed helped and we appreciate everything to make it happen.

Groves, TX

Austin Disaster Relief Network

It is so incredible to be able to work with local partners like United Aid of Southeast Texas. As a network of churches united together in Greater Austin, to bring hope into crisis, we see the value of relationship and the ability to sustain long-term relief efforts being absolutely vital. These guys are standing with survivors through the long-term process of recovery, and that is what a community needs in order to be restored.

Austin, TX

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Special Thanks to:

Volunteers who worked countless hours to make all of this possible. To those who drove and flew in, slept on cots and sacrificed time & comforts. To those who were willing to be away from their own families to help us rebuild and recover.

Because of your compassion and willingness to serve, families all over Southeast Texas are now back in their homes.